About Us

Pyrotask Energy belongs to the league of companies who are pioneers in the field of chemical recycling of waste plastic. We are engaged in converting various types of plastic waste into fuel and chemicals. The fuel serves industries that use furnaces and boilers in their processing. With its twin reactor system and highly advanced automated systems being manned by a dedicated team of operators, the equipment is able to process 8 MT of waste plastic per day. Our mission is to achieve a 100% circular economy for plastic waste generated.

Conceived in the latter half of 2017, we came into production at the end of 2018. We have, till date, recycled more than 5000 MT of plastic. Our unit is located near Khopoli, Maharashtra. We are sourcing plastic waste from industries producing plastic products and will soon integrate this technology with local municipal corporations in order to recycle MSW.

We are devoted in our duty of intercepting plastic waste from finding its way into landfills and oceans, or it facing other undesirable methods of disposal. We believe the future of our planet is interdependent on the reutilization of the waste it produces.  This begins with recycling of the most difficult type of waste.